[Madlug] a vmware question

Daniell Freed dxf at dewittross.net
Wed Feb 9 14:45:46 CST 2000

It may be the SCSI emulation, but I doubt it.  If you are getting the
point where Windows is loading then VMWare is seeing the raw disk.

I don't know if you have tried this yet or not, but you should go into
Windows normally and create a new hardware profile for when you are going
to run VMWare.  Otherwise it will screw up your hardware settings (or not
even boot at all).  Then reboot into Windows again using the new profile.
In this profile disable everything you can think of, i.e. set your video
to Standard VGA, remove the disk controllers, basically anything like

Now boot into Linux and then launch VMWare and choose your new (fairly
clean) hardware profile.  See what happens.

I hope this helps.


Matthew Callaway wrote:

> I don't have SCSI drives, but I am using SCSI emulation...would that be
> the problem?  VMWare will boot my Win partition, but it never gets the
> drivers loaded, I can only get into SAFE mode.
> Could it be the SCSI emulation?
> Matt
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