[Madlug] Re: dual boot question

Will Benton will at flabjab.com
Wed Jul 19 00:43:26 CDT 2000

I think that RH 6.2 supports such an install, too.  That's also how the
"free" varsion of the BeOS is coming -- it seems like a good strategy for
reaching converts with an alternative OS.  :-)


On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, James Luscher wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Peter Kumbalek wrote:
> > > Is it possible that Windows is seeing the linux partition as
> > > available space
> You might consider looking into one of the 'loopback' Linux
> implementations such as Win Linux 2000 (http://winlinux2000.com).
> Lin4win (another one) installs without partitioning, but requisitions
> a large block inside the Windoze disk which it, internally, reads as
> an ext2 filesystem.   Win Linux 2000 directly accesses the Windoze
> file system so that the entire free space is available to both Windoze 
> and Linux... avoiding artificial allocation in advance of usage.
> I have tried both and they work OK for me.   I put them on my 'work'
> machine since I didn't want to re-partition (risk?) the drive for my
> personal interest in Linux, while at home I switch drives (removable
> tray) when I want to switch operating systems... both are native
> instalations.
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