[Madlug] Retrieving IP address from a linux box.

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	If you plan on using Linux a lot in the future I suggest the
O'Reilly books.  The first one IMHO you should buy is Running LINUX.  Also
with your distribution there should be two guides - the NAG - Network
Administrators Guide and the SAG? - System Administrator Guide??(I think
that is what the other one is called).  Have fun...

	Also linux.com, linuxnewbie.org, linuxjournal.com, linuxgazette.com,
etc., etc...
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Okay, I'm a linux newbie and I know it. So here's a simple question
How does one ask one's linux box what IP address it has when you've set it
up for DHCP?

I've crawled all through Using Redhat Linux - Special Edition (comes with
RH6.2 which is what is being used) and have found nothing except how to use
winipcfg in Windoze (go figure!)

I've tried the guessing game with the man pages and come up empty. Which
reminds me, another good question for you guys is what do you do when you
know there probably is a command for doing something in Linux but have no
idea what that command would be called? Any strategies or resources that are
really handy?



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