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Harv Nelson harv at tds.net
Sun Feb 4 03:46:09 CST 2001

Here is my solution for this one:

1) Find a web page that looks particularly hideous.

2) While this page is up, cycle thru the various fonts in Netscape's
preferences until you find one that pleases you and makes the offending
page render nearly decently.  On my system,  this comes out to
"Helvetica (Adobe)"  for the variable width font and "Courier (Adobe)"
for the fixed width.
14 pnt. seems to look OK ... I'm at 1024x768 screen size.

3) Click the little button that says, "Always use my default fonts,
overriding document specified fonts."

4) Done

You may get a greater selection of fonts by downloading and installing
WordPerfect for Linux from Corel and the StarOffice suite from SUN.
Both free products!!

Try the "Font De-uglification" HOWTO:


I've never tried its suggestions.  You may want to give it a spin.

Allen's Law of Civilization:
It is better for civilization to be going down the drain than to be
coming up it.


Steve Cayford wrote:

> Hey...
> This is probably an easy one, but I don't know much about
> fonts on Linux. Netscape gives me some really bad looking
> fonts sometimes, especially small ones -- lots of
> stair-stepping -- bad enough that there are a few web sites
> I just can't read without giving myself a headache. Is
> Netscape just not finding the fonts on the system or
> something? I can't find anything in the configuration menus.
> Thanks,
> -Steve
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