[Madlug] two questions

Ted and Robin Shoemaker shoemakerted at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 13 21:09:55 CST 2001

Hi all,

Two questions today:

(1) Where can I find a list of the packages included in 
    the Personal vs the Professional versions of SuSE 7.0 ?
    I checked www.suse.com, of course, but didn't find 
    anything more than general details.

(2) Does someone know where I can download a file (or 
    package of files) that will allow me to read and write 
    to files on the BeOS partition?  My current LILO 
    (from SuSE 7.0 demo version, single CD) doesn't even
    *see* the partition of my hard drive with BeOS on it.  

    Someone will ask: "Did you check Google/Altavista?"
    Yes, I did... and found thousands of false hits.

Thanks in advance,

Ted Shoemaker
shoemakerted at yahoo.com

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