[Madlug] Dues? Membership fee?

Richard J. Mancusi vrman at execpc.com
Wed Feb 14 22:35:49 CST 2001

I am in the same situation and completely agree with you.  There needs to be
a way
for "the rest of us" to help even if we can't be around when you pass the
The folks in charge need to give this serious consideration as soon as


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  How much is membership or subscription fee for Madlug?  To whom do I make
the check payable, and where do I send it?
  At the moment , I'm having trouble making a slot for chat/coffee sessions
and meetings, etc.   I am able to participate only via e-mail at this time.
I do find this service useful, informative, and helpful, and I'd like to do
my part to make sure it stays up and running.



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