[Madlug] Meeting tomorrow [sorry, got long]

Will Benton willb at cs.wisc.edu
Fri Sep 14 08:58:54 CDT 2001

> (Also, where did you get "Boris" and "Rocky"???  
> Most cryptographers talk about "Alice" and "Bob"
> (as people who want to talk to each other using
> cryptography) and "Mallory" (as an all-round bad
> guy who wants to listen in on Alice and Bob's
> coversation)).

I can't speak for Jesse, but those names would make me think of "Rocky
and Bullwinkle", a fabulously hilarious McCarthyist cartoon from several
decades back.  Boris and Natasha were incompetetent Russian spies who
were oft-foiled by Bullwinkle the moose and Rocky the flying squirrel.


Will C. Benton
willb at acm.org

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