[Madlug] Motherboard Recommendations

Harv Nelson harv at tds.net
Wed Apr 3 10:09:16 CST 2002

Just finished putting together a machine using the K7VZM board.  It has an 
embedded VIA AC97 audio chip set, 4 USB ports and a bunch of other goodies.
I hung a 32 Meg SiS agp video card on the thing, 512 Meg of PC133 memory,  an 
800 MHz AMD CPU, CD ROM, CD Burner, LS-120, 20 Meg HD, and ethernet card. 
Total cost about $500. (Check CPUSolutions for local parts)

I think you can find these little K7VZM main boards for less than $70

I had some problems getting RH 7.2 to run on the thing.  Didn't like the 
video card or the embedded sound system.

I was resigned to using it as a new Windows machine ... until RH caught up to 
this level of obsolescence.  On a whim, I downloaded the latest Mandrake 8.2 
and burned some CD's.  

For the first time thru, I just accepted the defaults for the Mandrake 
install.  This was the easiest, simplest, and fastest install every, for any 
OS, bar none.  The machine was up and running in less than 20 minutes.   And 
everything works!

Hope that helps a little


On Wednesday 03 April 2002 09:27 am, Eric Hoeve wrote:
> I am looking to build a computer from scratch. My intention is that this
> computer will be only for Linux. My question is What MB will give me good
> performance and stability, where the latter is of more importance than the
> former.  My thoughts are to go with a board that supports the AMD Athlon
> and DDR RAM. I am also leaning toward SCSI w/ RAID 5.
> I am interested in what others  experiences have been.
> -Eric
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