[Madlug] Motherboard Recommendations

Mike supiammike at charter.net
Thu Apr 4 13:27:00 CST 2002

i am using a soyo dragon+ also...
mandrake 8.2 recognized all of it (not sure about raid or smart card cause i
dont use those) but it seems to be great for me...

Even though i look stupid, i still know some things.
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I just built a couple of server based machines for the firm I work for using
the Soyo k7v Dragon+ motherboard.  These are really nice boards.  They come

4 UDMA 100 IDE ports (2 can be used for IDE RAID with the promise
although I don't think there is any RAID support for linux using the Promise
Contoller.  Not that it matters their software does all of the raid stuff
anyway, so you are just as well using the linux software raid).
4 USB ports (the VIA usb controller is known to have some problems in linux
the last I checked, just an FYI).
A smartmedia/compact flash card reader.
VIA chipset
3 DDR Ram slots.
4x AGP

They are pretty nice boards all in all, and I haven't had any problems with
them in Linux (running RedHat 7.2 and 6.2) on either of the servers (one
acting as a large LDAP server and the other a Calendaring server).


On Wednesday 03 April 2002 09:27 am, Eric Hoeve wrote:
> I am looking to build a computer from scratch. My intention is that this
> computer will be only for Linux. My question is What MB will give me good
> performance and stability, where the latter is of more importance than the
> former.  My thoughts are to go with a board that supports the AMD Athlon
> and DDR RAM. I am also leaning toward SCSI w/ RAID 5.
> I am interested in what others  experiences have been.
> -Eric
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