[Madlug] Re: Any IT Job Hunting Tips?

Chris Dolan chris at clotho.com
Fri Aug 16 11:28:01 CDT 2002

One more tip:

Never, ever complain about your former job or employer.  It makes you
sound like a malcontent.  The happier you seem, the happier they will
envision you behaving in your new job.  If asked about why you are
moving on, spin it well (but of course, don't lie).

E.g., I have a PhD in astronomy and got a lot of quizzical looks when I
applied for software developer jobs.  The truth is that I hate writing
prose, and I am turned off by the publish-or-perish lifestyle of
academia.  What I said (quite truthfully) was that my thesis was about
half programming custom software and half data analysis/interpretation.
 I added that I love astronomy and that my thesis was fun, but that I
found I enjoyed the programming half the most.  This explained my career
change, and allowed me to express enthusiasm for my new direction.

As for salary, there are a lot of websites that offer regional averages
by job type.  USE these, because you KNOW that the employer is using
them too.


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