[Madlug] Asus P3V4X

Daugird pali at charter.net
Wed Aug 21 01:35:23 CDT 2002

I have that board.
Put a small heatsink on the clock generator, This will help the
FSB stability. Which slot adapter are you using?
is your PIII a 100 or 133 FSB chip?
also, what stepping is your PIII Cc0 steppings were pretty good

I have hit 145FSB when cooling the clock generator.
Looking at the board the clock gen is in the upper right corner.

has a picture to help

is your ram buffered? 2 gigs will restrict your max FSB.
if you have a 100FSB chip getting to 133 should not be a problem.
I got a 35 buck biostar motherboard from cpusolutions.com with
the same chipset as the P3V4X and I hit 116 FSB.
with cpu temps you can lap your heatsink, which is using 800 grit
sandpaper to "polish" the base  of the heatsink for max contact.
also artic silver 3 is a great thermal paste.
PIII chips are cool running compared to the AMD chips you have.
Get a coolmaster HCC-002 all copper heat sink

Message: 9
From: "Eric M. Ansay" <ericansay at earthlink.net>
To: <madlug at madisonlinux.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 13:30:43 -0500
Subject: [Madlug] Asus motherboards - P3V4X

I was wondering if anyone has any experience overclocking this particular
board.  I'm gonna use this computer as my linux box and I currently have a
800mhz PIII chip in it, and I've been putting some thought into either
overclocking it, or replacing the CPU with a faster one.  I know I could
probably get an AMD chip and motherboard for less or around the same as an
Intel chip, but I have 2 gigs of RAM in this box, as well as a RAID 5
controller and I don't really feel like building another system at this
moment (my main system is a dual Athlon MP 2200, with RAID 5 and 2 Gigs of
RAM and I just built that about a month ago).

I've read about the heat concerts with overclocking computers...but I have
two case fans, the power supply fan, as well as the CPU fan, so I should be
in good shape - and I've never been able to get my CPU above 130 degrees F


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