[Madlug] RE: Missing ndbm library ... and LaTeX?

Steven Cayford scayford at tds.net
Mon Jun 17 15:52:25 CDT 2002

Sure it isn't looking for lex rather than latex?


On Monday, June 17, 2002, at 03:20  PM, Damon Butler wrote:

> I lost the e-mail from the helpful LUGger who suggested I modify the 
> configure
> script to use gdbm instead while compiling Linux-PAM from source. It 
> appears
> the suggestion will work, so thanks!
> However, when actually compiling, the process complained that I didn't 
> have a
> "latex" command. Which struck me as odd. Why would the compiler require 
> LaTeX
> for anything? Anyone?
> Nevertheless, on my MDK 8.2 system, I couldn't find any TeX or LaTeX 
> binaries
> anywhere!! (man, info, locate, which, find, manual directory browsing, 
> etc.)
> Bizarre. I'd thought TeX/LaTeX was standard issue everywhere. Am I 
> missing
> something obvious, or do I really have to go obtain the TeX sources and
> compile them? (Or purchase the actual boxed CD set?)
> --Damon
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