[Madlug] OpenVPN on OS X (was OS X help)

Darrick Hartman lugs_darrick at djhsolutions.com
Wed Dec 1 20:08:14 CST 2004

First, thank you to all who replied to my plea for help on the Mac. 
Aside from the price, they aren't all that bad (definitely more secure 
than Windoze...not that that takes much).

My issue was with initiating a vpn connection between a Linux server 
running OpenVPN and Mac OS X.  After a bit of tweaking, everything is 
working very nicely.

Here is another time where we can praise open source software compared 
to proprietary crap.  Netgear's ProSafe VPN solution which connects to 
their hardware VPN/switch only works in Windows.  Now since it's an 
implementation of IPSec, I'm sure it is POSSIBLE to set it up on other 
systems, but I'm glad I convinced the client to go the OpenVPN route.

I was able to use the same configuration file for both Windows and the 
Mac clients.  OpenVPN allows the server to "push" the configuration to 
the client, which greatly simplifies post connection routing.  The 
problems I had resulted in a beta GUI tool to initiate the connection. 
The end result is somehow the GUI tool lost it's suid root property 
during the install.  (I didn't verify this yet, but it's likely the 
cause).   If I run openvpn using sudo directly rather than from the gui, 
all is happy.

So again, thanks for all the help.


Darrick Hartman
DJH Solutions, LLC

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