[Madlug] CDRW support?

CJ Kucera madlug at apocalyptech.com
Thu Dec 16 11:01:09 CST 2004

John Heim wrote:
> Do CDRWs need special drivers for linux? You don't need special drivers for 
> different HDs oOr CD-ROMs, do you? They work through the IDE interface so 
> they just work, right? What about CDRWs? Do I have to worry about 
> compatability?

No special drivers are needed.  You may need to set up SCSI emulation;
burning directly with ATAPI is a newer beast and may not always do
what you want (though it's the recommended method nowadays, at least
on 2.6 kernels with newer cdrecord builds).  But anyway in my experience
any kind of CDRW will work fine.  It's DVD-writers which tend to have
more issues with compatibility nowadays.


That may help, haven't really looked it over though.


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