[Madlug] /sbin/poweroff doesn't

Darrick Hartman ricko73 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 09:33:28 CST 2004

The bios setting has to do with the power switch
behavior (either instant off or 4 second delay), but
that's not the main problem.

APM verus ACPI.  Most new boards use ACPI to do power
management (as well as management of other features). 
You'll need to compile ACPI support into the kernel,
then have support in the software layer (acpid) to
read the acpi signals and actually execute the


--- bl8n8r <bl8n8r at merr.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Is there something flaky with the poweroff command ?
> On some boxes (x86) it halts the system, and then
> turns
> the power off.  On other systems, it halts (I guess)
> but
> does not power down the system.
> I looked around the bios a bit on a couple boxes,
> but didnt
> see any magic settings like "Linux poweroff
> compliancy" or
> anything like that.
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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