[Madlug] Appreciation Party

bl8n8r bl8n8r at merr.com
Tue May 4 19:05:13 CDT 2004

Hello All.

Last December, an MATC instructor, and good
friend of mine, asked if I would help get the
word out to show support for the computer science
classes they offer there - some of which were being
considered for cuts of somekind.

I sent a link to the LUG that went to a website
with a petition and invited anyone to read it/
sign it/pass it along, which many of you did.
They ended up with 600+ sigs after all was said
and done!! More than enough to keep things rolling.

Over the weekend, I got an email from Mike inviting
everyone to a party on 5/14 which I told him I
would again forward to anyone interested =)

(details below)

On Mikes behalf, thanks again everyone.


Mike Bertrand wrote:
 > Hi Tom,
 >   Absolutely, the more the merrier ...
 >   Mike Bertrand
 > ----------------------------------------------------
 > At 06:59 AM 5/3/2004 -0500, you wrote:
 >> Mike Bertrand wrote:
 >>> Hi Tom,
 >>>   Just a note to thank you for signing our online petition last
 >>> December to retain the Internet Developer Certificate in the
 >>> Math / Computer Science Department. And for spreading the word --
 >>> over 600 people signed and we were just starting to send petitions
 >>> to legislators when the WTCS caved in.
 >>>   We're having a big party to celebrate on the evening of Friday,
 >>> May 14, and hope you and guests can attend, details here:
 >> Thanks Mike, I'll be there!
 >> Do you want me to extend the offer
 >> to the rest of the Madison Linux Users Group?
 >> ttyl,
 >> Thomas

(more details - previous msg)

 > May 14, and hope you and guests can attend, details here:
 >     http://my.execpc.com/~mikeber/party.html
 >   The party is also to recognize this year's graduates and honor
 > Andy White, who is leaving MATC to start his own software firm.
 > We're spreading the word through the entire Certificate community,
 > so this will be a good chance to network and visit with old friends.
 > There will be a short graduation ceremony from 6:30 - 7:00 -- after
 > that, party!
 >   Regards,
 >   Mike Bertrand

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