[Madlug] charter slowspeed internet

Scott Reeser scott at wysereeser.com
Tue Nov 30 10:49:29 CST 2004

Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> I've tried all the standard stuff--unplugging, rebooting, etc. etc. etc. 
> Tried calling Charter last night; they wanted me to do a speed test but 
> unfortunately they have the start button rigged so it can't be used with 
> a text-based browser and that's what I have to use since I'm blind. Am 
> most definitely not happy.

We recently (last week or so) had some problems with slow download rates on our 
connection (that eventually died completely), after conferring with them 
(Charter support), we walked throught the standard things you mention. In the 
end he (the support dude) indicated that he was getting erratic signal levels in 
connecting to the modem itself.

I realize you may not be able to verify this without help, but during the 
conversation, on our cable modem there was a visible cable link light that was 
'out' (meaning no cable connection). I forget what make/model the modem is 
off-hand. At any rate, all these combined, they scheduled someone to come out 
the next day.

Before they made it out however, it turned out to be the start of a service 
outage for our area that hadn't been verified yet. Later on the next day all was 
back to normal. This has maybe been the 2nd or 3rd outage we went through in the 
past 3 years (?) using Charter.


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