[Madlug] kde problem in sles9sp2

Will Maier willmaier at ml1.net
Mon Sep 12 14:01:23 CDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 01:41:12PM -0500, Troy Frank wrote:
> When the system booted, it went straight to the console screen. I
> logged in as root, and tried to load KDE by just typing "kde" and
> hitting enter. That produced the errors below... 

Two things:
    * Is there a reason you're running KDE as root? It's generally a
      bad idea to run the X server with privileges beyond those
      assigned to your regular user (you've added a regular user,

    * I think KDE's started using the 'kdestart' command. If you
      want the system to boot into a graphical system, consider
      installing kdm, xdm or gdm, the three main display managers.
      If you don't mind logging in at the console, I'd recommend
      adding the following to the end of your $HOME/.xinitrc and
      using the 'startx' command to start your graphical sessions: 
|	exec startkde

      You'll want to make sure that that's the only line that starts
      with 'exec' in that file...


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