[Madlug] kde problem in sles9sp2

Troy Frank Troy.Frank at UWMF.WISC.EDU
Mon Sep 12 16:01:16 CDT 2005

Thanks to all who replied.  I'm going to try CJ's suggestion the next time it blows up.  For now I'm just trying a reinstall with all the defaults.
Special thanks to Orien for summing up most of my experience with linux so far, video/sound included.  Ironically, I've had a little better luck at home, with hardware that's not so corporate standard.  Go figure.

>>> CJ Kucera <madlug at apocalyptech.com> 9/12/2005 3:24 PM >>>
Troy Frank wrote:
> (==) Using config file /ect/x11/xf86config

Was this actually "etc" instead of "ect", and just a remnant of having
been typed in by hand instead of copy/pasted?

> (EE) No devices detected

This probably means that the section of your xf86config file which defines
your graphics card isn't set up properly. What card do you have, and
what's the relevant section of your xf86config? In fact, attaching or
uploading the xf86config somewhere would be useful.

> Unless there is a pretty quick/easy way to get the xserver working, I'll
> probably just try reinstalling, and not fiddling with any of the auto-detected
> defaults (even if they are wrong).

You could certainly try "X -configure" or "xf86config" or "xf86configure"
(I always forget which one is most useful to me) to see if it'll spit
out a valid config file for you. The one which I usually use is non-
interactive and tends to work fine 99% of the time.


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