[Madlug] Using Two ISP's

CJ Kucera madlug at apocalyptech.com
Tue Sep 20 09:21:55 CDT 2005

John J. Boyer wrote:
> This sounds like the Linux machine would have to have three ethernet 
> cards. Can I plug my present router, with its wireless capability Into 
> this machine? I do want to use the machine for more than handling the 
> two Internet connections. How would this be done?

Yeah, I'd think that the Linux box would have to have three ethernet
cards on it...  Not really sure how you'd do it otherwise.  The other
option would be to have more than one box with 2 ethernet cards, and
kind of daisy-chain some of 'em together, but that'd be a bit silly,
I'd think.

The cards facing the two ISPs wouldn't have to be good ones really.
They wouldn't even have to be capable of 100Mbit.  If you don't have
any lying around, I imagine you should be able to find a few for
a few bucks apiece.  (Not that I've looked for cheap NICs around here,
but they've gotta be available somewhere.)

As for the wireless thing: if it's a "broadband router" of some sort
which plugs directly into the phone line or the cable (for cablemodem),
then you could certainly still use the wireless, though it'd only
be going through the one ISP.  If it's just a wireless switch/hub or
whatever, you'd be able to plug it into the "local" side of the
Linux box and use it w/out problems.

Bear in mind, I've never actually set this stuff up before, so if you
start asking more in-depth questions about getting it to work, someone
else'll have to pipe up.


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