[Madlug] Using Two ISP's

Rick Funderburg rick-pub at funderburgs.net
Mon Sep 19 15:19:51 CDT 2005

John J. Boyer wrote:

>I wish to continue using Charter as my main ISP. The modem is connected 
>to a router that connects to all the machines on my network and also has 
>wi-fi for my braille PDA. I wish to connect the DSL modem to one of the 
>machines. The machine would still be on the network, but if I access the 
>Internet from it, it will use DSL, not Charter.

This should be easy enough to do with Linux (I'm not familiar with Mac
settings). On your DSL-connected box, just set the DSL connection to be
the default gateway. Also make sure that the IP subnets for the LAN and
the DSL do not intersect, which they might if you are using a router for
both connections.

-- Rick

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