[Madlug] Low Cost SSL Certs?

CJ Kucera madlug at apocalyptech.com
Tue Apr 4 09:08:24 CDT 2006

Tim Schaab wrote:
> Anyone know of some low cost SSL certificates?  I had one with FreeSSL,
> but they changed their product line and it's a bit much for the site I
> am running.

I got a cert from these guys awhile back just to see what they were
like.  Pretty cheap, and the only browser I had access to without
their root CA was an older IE version on a Mac OS9 box.  They use
some kind of GeoTrust Cert stuff, which I believe some of the other
smaller cert places are doing too.

Looks like GoDaddy offers some pretty cheap certs now too:
Dunno about their Root CA status.  Presumably these should be okay.

I thought I had another link to one that was recommended to me at
some point, but apparently not.

Anyway, hope that helps...


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