[Madlug] Trying Again with Dual Boot

Staci splott at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 14:50:26 CDT 2006

So, after my last fiasco with LVM and the whole ensueing mess, I decided to
just drop it for a while and use my old hdd, til I could scrape up the
motivation to try again to convert/transfer everything from my old hdd to my
new SATA drive.
I seem to have come to that point, and I'm currently booted into a new
Ubuntu CD and going through my old drives to see what has to be done to make
it all workable, and also where I left off when I got disgusted and walked
I am certainly going to need some help getting this going without losing all
my files.
So here's the start of my questions, if you can answer them in a reasonably
simple fashion, it'd be much appreciated, I haven't been working on Linux at
all for at least 6 months or so...

Givens: My new AMD Athlon64 2.4ghz Shuttle, a gig of RAM, dvdrw, wifi card.
Two harddrives, one regular old one and one sata drive.  Currently the dvdrw
is connected and sharing a cable with the old harddrive, since this "new"
shuttle didn't come with a connection for the old harddrive, which is why I
bought the sata in the first place.

As it stands, I seem to have a boot partition on each drive,  hda2 and
sda1.   Can I use sda1 for that, is it a reasonable choice?

I seem to have a WinXP install on each drive, hda1 and sda2, although for
the last several months I've been using the one on hda1.  I know I'll have
to start all over with installing software and peripherals when I switch
which install I'm using.
But CAN I use sda2?  ..Or does winXP require sda1 just as windoze always
required hda1?

There's LVM on this SATA drive....I want to get it OFF.  Will I need to wipe
the whole thing to do that?  Don't try to convince me I should have LVM, I
don't want it, I don't need it, I don't understand it, and last time that
resulted in a big frustrating mess.  Regular old static partitions are just
fine for my needs.

And finally, a minor issue, somehow I have grub coming up twice, once in
default black'n'white, and once with the splash screen I had on it when I
was getting it set up.  Where are they both, can anyone tell me two places
they COULD be that wouldn't interfere with each other?


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