[Madlug] I am sorry (JUST REGISTRAR)

Nate C-K nculwell at wisc.edu
Fri Mar 3 10:51:03 CST 2006

He said he first registered with Network Solutions, which is indeed a
registrar. Looks like he wants to renew it with someone else, probably
so he can pay less money next time.


Darrick Hartman wrote:
> badgers at daugird.com wrote:
>>> At 10:12 PM 3/2/2006, you wrote:
>>>> I own alexis.ms for my daughter.
>>>> I first got it through network solutions.
>>>> I have a host and all I need is a cheap registrar.
> Registrar or DNS?  If you "own" the domain, to me that tells me that
> you've bought (and therefore registered) it from someone like
> GoDaddy.com.  If you haven't registered it, it's pretty foolish to
> advertise a domain you plan on registering on a public forum.  I'm not
> this way, but other people might see this as an opportunity to register
> the domain and then try to resell it to you at a higher price than what
> you'd normally pay for it.
> For DNS service, take a look at Zoneedit.com  I've used them for several
> years.  You get 5 domains free then can pay for additional domains and
> features.  It works great with ddclient to utilize dynamic dns changes
> etc (so you could have home.alexis.ms pointing to your home network for
> example).
> Darrick

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