[Madlug] Alternatives to cdrecord?

John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Tue Mar 28 17:18:08 CST 2006

At 11:34 AM 3/28/2006, Will McDonald wrote:
>True-ish; the developer is pretty annoying to the FOSS/linux viewpoint/
>movement, and certainly hasn't gone out of his way to make things nicer for
>linux users, but that doesn't mean that it's unreliable. Ignore the warnings
>and go ahead and use it with 2.6 and the "experimental, unstable, and
>unsupported" usage - AFAIK there aren't any real problems with the program.

Except that on my system, you have to be root to use it.

Actually, I have a bunch of systems and they're all doing the same thing. 
Setting the setuid bit and adding the users to the cdrom group does not 
work. I have found that 'sudo cdrecord' works. So it *has* to be some kind 
of permissions problem.

cdrecord sucks. I just Did  this:

cdrecord -help | more

It just scrolled off the screen. I would assume it's because help goes to 
stderr and not stdout. Bogus.

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