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(repost for those that requested it, as well as a general reminder)
- Thomas


Hello All,

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Applied WIFI Presentation
to be given on Wednesday, November 8th, 2006 at 7pm.  Location will be
at the High Energy Physics Lab [1], room 4274 (same place as last time)
Our speakers, and topics, for that evening will be:

"Community Wireless On A Minimal Budget"
-  Thomas Landmann
   How we provided broadband Internet to neighbors [6] who had no options
besides dial-up and satellite.  Using scrounged/on-hand hardware as
much as possible, we utilized Open Source software running on Linksys,
and Buffalo, wireless routers to provide part of the link.
   Our installation is "off the grid" powered by deep-cycle batteries and (someday)
solar power.  Focus will be on creatively solving problems, without
over-engineering the solution.

"Engineering the UW Madison Wireless Network"
- Dale Carder
   From the spring of 2005 to the present, the University of Wisconsin
Madison has moved from dozens of Wireless Access Points covering only
a handful of hotspots to well over 1,100 covering over 60% of the entire
campus.  The goal is set to be 90% by the fall of 2007.
   During this session we'll talk about the challenges affecting large
scale enterprise deployments and some of the linux-based tools used
including Captivator-gw [5], our open source captive portal network
authorization system.

Post Presentation Follow Up
- General Q&A / discussion about community wireless in Madison.

Join us on November 8th to see how these guys worked through some
of the problems they faced with their wireless implementations.  All in all,
it will be a presentation you won't want to miss!

Thanks to both of these guys for taking the time to put this together!

     High Energy Physics (homepage[2], with link to campus map) is
     located in Chamberlin Hall, 1150 University Ave. The conference
     room where the talk will be held is on the fourth floor in room
     4274, next to the department office.  There's some construction
     going on in the back, but if you enter the building on the north
     side (near Sterling hall), simply head up to the fourth floor --
     the conference room is the sixth door on the right[3].
     University parking is available near Chamberlin Hall[4], but it
     might be simpler to park downtown and walk. Wireless access will
     be provided.

[2] - http://www.hep.wisc.edu/index.html (homepage)
[3] - http://physics.library.wisc.edu/roomloc.gif (floorplan)
[4] - http://www.fpm.wisc.edu/smomap/building.aspx?building=0055&wing=
[5] - http://net.doit.wisc.edu/~dwcarder/captivator/
[6] - http://amazingwifi.blogspot.com/


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