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Hello All.
Thanks for all the feedback.
Very informative and appreciated.


joebaker wrote:
> The idea of replacing a wired Ethernet network with a WiFi one has some 
> real problems.
> First you are subject to denial of service attacks from outside your office.
> Ham Radio Operators are licensed to use much of the WiFi spectrum at 
> powers that would blow away your network.
> In terms of coverage, go for Draft N equipment with three antennas in 
> both APs and client machines.  Ooohhh the coverage increase is wonderful.
> Security.  Be sure to use a good encapsulation of the traffic and press 
> the manufacturers of the wifi equipment on how long they will support 
> updates to it so you know when you may be forced to upgrade the 
> equipment due to potential future holes in WPA, etc...
> Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
> My 2cents.
> -Joe Baker
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