[Madlug] Getting away from your ISP's DNS (was Re: problem routing multiple network devices)

Nate C-K ncmadcity at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 16:07:03 CDT 2007

This time sending to the whole list...

--- Marcin Antkiewicz <madlug at kajtek.org> wrote:
> What you see it an attempt to procure funding for
> the Cyber Wars program, 
> since people started openly ridicule the Star Wars.
> I can go on for a few 
> pages, as a huge part of my job involoves
> "protecting critical cyber 
> assets", whatever that means.

When China knocked out that satellite with a rocket a
little while back, the US government freaked out
because apparently a few attacks just like that could
apparently destroy the GPS used by many of our missile
guidance systems. Or, a correspondent in the British
navy tells me, you could accomplish the same by
cutting a few antennas at various locations around the
globe. I believe this could be done with a handheld
saw in the same way that protesters periodically cut
that weapons-related antenna up in northern Wisconsin
(I forget what that one does).

Given that kind of obvious vulnerability in our state
of the art, multi-zillion-dollar weapons systems, I
wonder if cyber-attack is really what we should be
worried about.

Most countries in Europe seem to think that focusing
on training their troops rigorously is more
cost-effective than fancy, high-tech gadgets, which is
why their militaries usually beat us in joint
exercises. Don't tell Congress, though, or someone
might lose their billion dollar toys that go boom.

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