[Madlug] Upcoming MadLUG Presentation: Managing System Logs

digitek digitek at charter.net
Fri Aug 31 11:46:42 CDT 2007

Hello All.

One of the areas Linux, and most OSS software, excels in is message logging.  Above all,
when you want to find out what is going on with your Linux system, or what may have
went on with it,  the system logs are going to be one source of important information.

Please join us at 7pm on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 as Jeremy Carroll, a Madison
area Systems Administrator, takes us through the many nuances of managing system logs
and the potential sea of information available.

Topics covered will be:
  * Logging basics
  * Syslog[0]
  * Syslog-ng[1]
  * Splunk[2]

The presentation will be held at Chamberlin Hall, 1150 University Ave. [3], Room
4274 (same place as last time) fourth floor [4].   Please plan on at least an hour of
presentation time and maybe a little extra for Q&A.  Parking map [5] is below.

Hope to see you there!

[0] - http://www.infodrom.org/projects/sysklogd/
[1] - http://www.balabit.com/network-security/syslog-ng/opensource-logging-system/
[2] - http://www.splunk.com/features/2000
[3] - http://www.fpm.wisc.edu/smomap/building.aspx?building=0055&wing=
[4] - http://physics.library.wisc.edu/roomloc.gif
[5] - http://www.vip.wisc.edu/gettingAround.php

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