[Madlug] Enough is enough.

jkerman at jvlnet.com jkerman at jvlnet.com
Tue Oct 9 16:17:58 CDT 2007

The one-line bylaws suggestion was a bit of a joke.  We would need 
more than that in order for companies to donate things to us.

The seperate mailing list was not a joke though.  If we just want to 
have bylaws for the NPO status, than lust let two or three people 
work out something simple and official and leave this list to linux 
based discussion.

I am actually all for a seperate mailing list. At least than we could 
seperate all of the political stuff from all of the tech stuff. 
(mailbox filters and the like). At least find some way to not annoy 
all of the people who are on this list for reasons other than to plan 
the groups development.

> jkerman at jvlnet.com writes:
> > "The purpose of this group is to help people as much as they care 
> > in reguard to linux."
> > 
> > Thats it.
> > 
> > Right now I would like to propose that this mailing list  loose 
> > "official" affiliation with madisonlinux.org , and just be an 
open to 
> > the public forum, available to anybody. I think madisonlinux.org 
> > should donate the server resources to make this possible.
> You know, Joe, you really should put a smiley after a joke like that
> in e-mail so that people do know that you are using such a subtle 
> of irony.  You know and I know that the reason you are making such a
> ridiculous suggestion is because you realize that bylaws are 
> and you want to show why.  However, you must realize that there are
> some people who will read your e-mail and think you are making a
> serious suggestion.

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