[Madlug] Possible talk topic: nagios & snmp

Dan dan-madlug at spamtrap.wide.net
Wed Jan 2 21:08:17 CST 2008

On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 09:39:41AM -0600, John Heim wrote:
> I've spent the last couple of weeks (not 100% of the time) setting up nagios 
> to monitor servers via snmp.  I do not feel that I am an expert on snmp now 
> but I may know enough to talk about it to the group.
> They had a guy on Wisconsin Public Radio talking about the most overused 
> terms of 2007 and one he mentioned was "give back". As in, "I'd like to give 
> a talk on nagios and snmp in order to give back something to the lug." 
> Anyway, I'm pretty confident I can bluff my way through the nagios part w/o 
> saying anything stupid but I was wondering if I could run the snmp part past 
> someone as a sort of dumbness filter.
> Also, I should check... Maybe this is not a topic people are interested in.

I think it's decided, then.  You should all collaborate and give a talk on
nagios etc.  Go team go!


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