[Madlug] Question about 8+ Terabyte Storage.

Jeremy Carroll Jeremyc at tasconline.com
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LVM does what it is supposed to well. I know it does not perform parity
redundancy like ZFS Raid-Z, but you don't have to perform redundancy at
the filesystem level. I know this is out of the scope of this talk, but
most mid-level to high-level SAN's perform mirroring / redundancy /
snapshots / etc... No need to put LVM down. LVM is still just for volume
management. IE not a file system & volume management like ZFS.

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On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 09:23:12PM -0600, Matt Radtke wrote:
> > For storage like this I'd want hardware RAID, as in XRAID or
> > Either that or use 1TB drives and a pair of less expensive cards.
> That seems unbelievably out of place here--he said home use.  While I
> would love to have an XRAID at home, a several thousand dollar SAN
> plus fibre gear....wow.

Well, total up the cost of the drives, SATA card, huge case + PS and
compare them to an XRAID.  Then factor in the "cost" of dealing with
a hiccup in the homegrown solution.  If he at all cares about his data,
and I'd wager he does (given the inclusion of photos and whatnot) the
extra money justifies itself after the first incident.

> > Then again, I'd also throw ZFS at it, because LVM appears to suck
> > much and for that much space naked md devices would make me
> I'm curious how/why you think LVM sucks?  Although I would agree that
> some sort of redundancy would be paramount.

The performance is not Scottish.  I can forgive that in the case of
a VM like ZFS', where integrity is paramount, but LVM doesn't really
you any additional protection over and above md.  So I'd avoid doing any
large (ie. the author's 8TB+) storage under unadorned Linux if I had an 

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