[Madlug] Hello! Still having SATA Install issues

Joe Frost joe at the-frosts.org
Fri Jan 18 07:56:02 CST 2008

On Jan 18, 2008, at 6:57 AM, Staci wrote:
> Hmm, could you include the output of fdisk -l?
> ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ fdisk -l
> ubuntu at ubuntu:~$

Try root for that.

> Could you send a
>        df -h
> ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ df -h
> Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> tmpfs                 506M   16M  491M   3% /lib/modules/2.6.22-14- 
> generic/volatile
> tmpfs                 506M   16M  491M   3% /lib/modules/2.6.22-14- 
> generic/volatile
> varrun                506M   84K  506M   1% /var/run
> varlock               506M     0  506M   0% /var/lock
> udev                  506M   76K  506M   1% /dev
> devshm                506M     0  506M   0% /dev/shm
> tmpfs                 506M   12K  506M   1% /tmp
> /dev/sda1             4.7G  4.0K  4.7G   1% /media/disk
> ubuntu at ubuntu:~$

So the that /media/disk is from your sata drive?  Does it contain  
what you expect?

> and the error you get during the install?
> Failed to copy fails; faulty CD/DVD or hard disk?
> The installer encountered errors copying files to the hard disk:  
> [Errn o5] Input/output error
> This particular error is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or  
> drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the CD/DVD, to  
> burn the CD/DVD at a lower speed, to clean the CD/DVD drive lens  
> (cleaning kits are often available from electronics suppliers), to  
> check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or  
> to move the system to a cooler environment.
> But as I've said, it's been tested, I've used different CDs, the HD  
> isn't THAT old, and my floor is plenty cool.

It sounds like that's a misleading error.  Any luck disabling IDE for  
the SATA ports in the BIOS?


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