Bianca Medina biancam at google.com
Mon Nov 3 11:57:38 CST 2008

I work with the SET engineering team in identifying Software Engineers
that could potentially be key contributors to Google.

The group I support is called SET engineering.  I'm looking for strong
coders in Java and C++.  In this group you would be part of an
Engineering team that is working on problems in a number of areas,
including web application interoperability, compiler technology,
internationalized user interface frameworks, and a variety of other
techniques to make web applications more useful and easier to create.

If interested please send me a copy of your updated resume as well as
some convenient dates/times I can give you a call.

Locations vary. (Mountain view-CA, Irvine-CA, Santa Monica-CA, San
Bruno-CA, Boulder-CO, Kirkland/Seattle -WA, New York-New York,
Pittsburgh-PA, Cambridge-MA) (Zurich-Switzerland, Hyderabad/Bangalore,
Beijing-China, London-UK, Sydney-Australia, Tel Aviv-Israel,
Shanghai-China, Krakow- Poland)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bianca Medina
Google Talent Scout
SET Engineering
biancam at google.com

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