[Madlug] linode.com (favorable review for VPS)

Max Lynch ihasmax at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 22:04:19 CST 2008

I am using http://slicehost.com for my company's site
http://mendotasoft.comand I've had no issues.  Their prices are
reasonable and the staff is very
available at any time (IRC, their own chat system).  The admin interface is
also really simple and usable.  I love it, though I'll probably need to
upgrade in the future.

On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 9:24 PM, Martin A. Brown <martin at linux-ip.net> wrote:

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> Hello all,
> This is a brief review of my experience with linode.com, a virtual
> private server (VPS) hosting provider.
> After years of functioning as a systems administrator, I value
> management utilities that minimize my need to wrangle with details
> (I have learned and forgotten too many of them).
> I have used 'linode.com' at the recommendation of a former
> colleague.  The Xen image has run with complete predictability, and,
> since I subscribed to the VPS service about 18 months ago, the box
> has only required only one reboot by the linode administration crew.
> (I appreciate that sort of reliability.)
> A few comments:
>  * their web UI stays out of my way--it's simple and clean and
>    exposes the key data I want (I have a hard time with web UIs)
>  * managing storage is remarkably simple
>  * includes a reasonable DNS management utility
>  * so far, completely reliable: not one problem
> After about 18 months of using linode.com, I'd say that I'm a very
> happy customer and that they are meeting my very modest desires
> quite well.
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