[Madlug] MadLUG State of the Union November 14th at 1pm: Please RSVP if coming

Douglas A. Whitfield douglasawh at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 11:13:14 CDT 2009

Ok, lots of changes here, both to the normal schedule and to the
proposed schedule I've talked to some about.

Due to MinneBar (the Minneapolis BarCamp), I've decided not to do this
on November 21st (if anyone wants to go with Abraham and I, please let
it be known).  November 14th is the home Michigan game, but they have
no announced a time yet, so hopefully 1pm will work.  Alabama plays
Mississippi St that day, so it might cut into my TV watching time on
Saturday too.  So be it.  There is no time that will accommodate
everyone.  I had planned to do a night reservation, but the Dane does
not do night reservations on the weekend.

We have a reservation for 10 people at The Great Dane Hilldale:
.  There will be an 18% gratuity and despite knowledge otherwise  (aka
last night at the Geek Dinner), they do not split checks, so please
bring cash.

If you are coming, please *let me know*.  If we have more than 10
people, I can change the reservation.

Except for the November Geek Dinner, this will be our *only* November meeting.
The idea behind this meeting is to address the future of MadLUG.  Any
questions and related topics are fair game but here is a sampling:

When is the best meeting time?  Tuesday at 7 does not seem to work for people.
Is there anything we can do for local non-profits?
Who is our audience?  Should we be aiming at n00bs, FSF freegans
(yeah, I made that word up for this context), or the "average user",
whatever that is.
How can we work with other organizations, such as LOPSA, to prevent overlap?
How long should president terms be?  When should elections be?
Do we want a steering committee that has these sorts of meetings in
addition to normal presentations?

Please feel free to bring your own questions and ideas to the table.

Douglas A. Whitfield

Co-President Madison Linux User Group
New Project Coordinator - http://openeverything.us
Worldwide Open Everything event, October 31, 2009

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