[Madlug] Presentation: Distro Shootout!

Justin Balthazor jbalthazor at wisc.edu
Tue Aug 3 17:49:02 CDT 2010


Just figured I'd pipe in to note that I'm Random Guy. I'm a bit new to Gentoo and would gladly step down to someone more experienced, but otherwise I'd be happy 
to do a short piece on it. So, you can count me as confirmed!


On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 10:44 PM, wrote:

> What distros do you have presenters for?

The current crop of distros is:

Me: Fedora and some other *fun(ny)* ones...which are almost certain not to
be picked up by someone else.  Teaser!
Brad S: netbook stuff and some utilities
Tom R: Kubuntu
Some random guy (name has not been disclosed and I was told by a 3rd party):
perhaps Gentoo

*Distros left (not a complete list and including any derivatives not
previously mentioned): ubuntu, OpenSUSE, RHEL, gentoo (a confirmed one),
slackware, CentOS, arch, PCLinuxOS, Linux Mint, Mandriva, crunchbang, **
Sabayon* <sabayon>*, **MEPIS* <mepis>*, Scientific Linux, TinyCore, etc,
etc, etc*

Surely this list is not only Fedora, netbook and Kubuntu users...

Also, if someone knows Fedora better than I, I'd be happy to move to ubuntu,
Debian or Mint for the presentation, but initially I figured it would be
easy to get an Ubuntu presentation.  I'm sure Brad feels the same way about
moving to Ubuntu if someone wants to do netbook stuff.  He can clarify if
that's inaccurate.

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