[Madlug] ergo keyboard suggestions

Mark Felder feld at feld.me
Thu Dec 2 12:44:57 CST 2010

On Thu, 02 Dec 2010 11:54:14 -0600, Douglas Whitfield  
<whitfield at opensourceplayground.org> wrote:

> Does anyone have any suggestions for ergonomics...aside from moving to
> Dvorak...which is becoming an option due to all the wrist and finger  
> pain I
> am having.

Have you considered trying a keyboard with mechanical switches? That's  
what I did and my pain completely vanished because I don't "bottom out"  
the keys and put that extra stress on my fingers and wrist.

Check out the Adesso MKB-135B -- probably the best priced keyboard in  
existence with the good Cherry switches.

I have one for home and one for work; a couple coworkers have switched as  

Also, it's heavy enough you could use it as a weapon :P



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