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Do you have a video camera for ua to use?

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> Is it possible that this will be recorded for those of us who can't
> make it? Seems kind of interesting.
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> On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 2:41 PM, Brad Stone <brad at bizwerks.com> wrote:
>> Surviving the IPocalypse: IPv6, Linux, and You
>> Quick, grab your smartphone, e-reader, computer and family (in that
>> pack some supplies, and head for the hills! (except in Kansas, which is
>> flat.) The Internet as we currently know it is coming to an end!
>> We're running out of host addresses! In a matter of months, not decades
>> will all be used up. Are you prepared for the single biggest network
>> since broadband?
>> Say goodbye to your old friends like and hello to
>> 2001:4860:b007::6a (google.com). The existing IP version 4 numbering
>> with 32-bit addresses is nearly exhausted. In 2013, the last one will be
>> gone. History! But, there is hope of rescue. It's not the cavalry, it's
>> Internet protocol version 6, with new-fangled 128-bit addresses, and it
>> impact every networked digital device, router and service you use.
>> What does this all mean? How will your gear be affected? Find out! Attend
>> our free, informative presentation on this timely and important topic by
>> Leinweber from the University of Wisconsin. He'll explain IPv4
>> introduce the major features of IPv6, fearlessly predict the transition
>> IPv4 to IPv6, and demonstrate how you can do live IPv6 now - even if your
>> ISP doesn't yet offer it.
>> When:     1:00 PM, Saturday December 11, 2010
>> Where:     ITT Technical Institute
>>                 Room: Theory 3
>>                 2450 Rimrock Road
>>                 Madison, WI 53713-2914
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