[Madlug] TDS and IPv6

Leinweber, James jiml at mail.slh.wisc.edu
Tue Dec 7 10:26:09 CST 2010

Jon Nelson:
> Well, I suppose I'll cross the IPv6 bridge when I'm pushed over it.

Timm Murray:
> Not to be condescending, but that there is the problem in a nutshell :)

The pressure is mounting:

a) IANA will run out of IPv4 /8's by February, with the RIR's mostly
running out in 2011-2013, ISP's in 2012-2013.

So if you want new IPv4 space bigger than a /24 after 2013, be
prepared to bribe someone to transfer it to you.

b) Federal agencies have a FY12 deadline to support IPv6 externally,
and a FY14 deadline to support it internally.

c) Verizon's LTE network went live last Sunday, and the USB dongles
are dual-stack-lite, meaning native v6, carrier NAT44.

If you have an asian supply chain or mobile users accessing your
web sites, you need to be working on IPv6 *NOW*.

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