[Madlug] What to help promote next Saturday's open Linux discussion?

Douglas Whitfield whitfield at opensourceplayground.org
Sun Jul 11 10:58:03 CDT 2010

Official reminder will come out later in the week, but for those of
you that want to help promote the event, I thought I'd go ahead and
give you access to the flyers Brad made.


Also, quick reminder that Ubuntu Hour is *today* at 1pm.  Brad and
Eric will be there and thus I'm going to cut out and go watch the
World Cup final at The Great Dane.  Anybody that wants to skip the
Ubuntu Hour and just watch the game at The Dane, let me know so I can
make sure we get a good table.  I'll be wearing my Open Everything NYC
shirt if you're looking for us.

Douglas A. Whitfield


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