[Madlug] OT: Power Supply

Joel I. McAllister kc9bop at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 21:57:57 CDT 2010

Hey guys,
I just came home from a 4 year stint in China.  I dragged my desktop 
computer back with me, but after putting it back together here in 
Madison, I found that my power supply doesn't have that magic switch 
that lets me allow it to work on U.S. power.  I was wondering if anyone 
had a spare power supply they would be willing to sell for a reasonable 
price.  I went to Computer Store West, but I found their prices to be 
WAY too high for a power supply.  The type I need has a 24 pin 
connector, and an additional 4 pin connector for an motherboard using an 
Intel Core Duo CPU.  SATA power would be nice, but not required.  350 
watts and up would be sufficient.

Thanks in advance,

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