[Madlug] 0-60 Server Presentation on June 20th 1-3pm @ Comp Sci rm 2310

Matt Elder fiddlemath at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 13:32:25 CDT 2010

Conor Klecker wrote:
> *Name*
> June MadLUG Technical Meeting: 0 to 60 Server
> *Location*
> *UW Comp Sci building - room 2310*
> 1210 W. Dayton St.
> Madison, WI, 53703
> *Date*
> June 20, 2010 - 1:00pm to 3:00 pm
>>From http://www.web608.org/events/2010/06/06/zero-60-server
> "Got a beige box setting around? Not sure what all those letters in LAMP
> mean? Just enticed by sexy car metaphors?
> No matter your ill in getting a server set up, come grab some of Eric's
> magic server elixir. Think of it as a server installfest on steroids. (note:
> MadLUG does not do random drug testing)
> SOME DIFFERENCES: Two things will be different in this meeting than others.
> 1) It will be hands on. Bring a box...maybe a VirtualBox (TM Oracle - by the
> way, give us money, please!) Also, please bring media. We'll have some
> install disks but unless you want whatever we randomly give you, best to
> have your own.
> 2) We'll probably push past 3pm, depending upon install and setup problems.
> You can come late if you want, but you'll be behind. Maybe you have it
> installed but just can't set up your firewall or MySQL or Apache. You can
> push it if you want, but no guarantees on getting the help you need if you
> show up late (the lawyers are telling me no guarantees if you show up on
> time either. )
> So come, or get left in the cyber-dust!"
> Upper part pulled from Eric's original email, Use this email as the thread
> to reschedule if June 20th doesn't work for anyone.
> I will be in attendance.

I'm going ahead and reserving the room for June 20th. See y'all there!


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