[Madlug] buy HP?

Mark Felder feld at feld.me
Fri Mar 11 12:11:36 CST 2011

On Fri, 11 Mar 2011 07:41:50 -0600, Brad Stone <brad at bizwerks.com> wrote:

> My two year commitment is coming up with Sprint, and I have been
> wondering what my next phone will be. I'm a little dismayed that the
> only two options appear to be Apple and Google, so I'm holding out hope
> for WebOS, but I remain pessimistic. If only I knew why.

My only exposure to WebOS is from our work on-call phone (RIP, now it's  
android Optimus S which annoys me). My current phone is a Hero. I haven't  
had the dying need to upgrade the hardware on it (damn, why dont all  
phones have a trackball? Touch screens + lots of small menu items =  
frustrating!) and the community ROMs (tyvm Cyanogen!) have made the phone  
live well past its lifespan. Even so, it's very sad that there was like  
one firmware update for this phone and that's it. I'm sorry, but that's  
not how you support a Smartphone... That's abandoning it to force you to  
buy something new.

I had an iPhone 3G at one point. So far my favorite phone has been the  
android. However, the fact that it runs Java really turns me off. I *know*  
my phone is faster than it performs. This drives me insane. I love  
hardware keyboards, but at the time there wasn't many options. I'm  
honestly considering Pre3 for my next phone. My coworkers all used to have  
Pre phones and switched to android as the original Pre faded away and they  
didn't want to get off Sprint. They're also considering Pre3 for the next  

I don't know what to say... a phone that's not crappy and locked down like  
Apple while still getting lots of love from the developers (Palm/HP has  
released about 28 updates for WebOS) is something that I care about. Plus  
no Java, so the core can run fast (even if the interface is all web tech  
based you know that Webkit plus whatever API extensions is faster than  
Dalvik). It seems like Android recognizes this because every release they  
get closer and closer to letting people build anything they want without  
writing to Java/Dalvik....

Honestly, Android has been a disappointment because when I signed up  
originally I was under the impression that Google released Android and  
your phone would get updates for as long as possible straight from Google.  
Turns out I was wrong and most people who don't by the Google Experience /  
dev phones get a bad deal.

tl;dr Google needs to fix the way they release Android, WebOS will be  
faster, and if you're a tinfoil hat kind of guy it's probably not best to  
get in bed with Google anyway. I can deal with fewer apps as long as the  
few ones I care about are available and that seems to be the case.



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