[Madlug] broadband in a difficult setting

Moji lordmoji at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 22:55:12 CST 2011

I've seen lots of great info on rural point to point wifi. I also 
considered this for my mother's home. It requires battery 
set-up/maintenance, some antenna and router investment but this is 
doable. When I looked into it there was a man in Wisconsin who had a 
great page explaining his project but unfortunately I was unable to 
locate that for you, maybe you will have more luck in that.

In addition to that Charter will always run out to where ever you/your 
neighborhood is, and often they are willing to share costs 50/50. If you 
are seriously interested in this I believe I still have the contact info 
for this. At the time it was $10 a foot, they would pay half but 
required half in payment, but I was told that could be more or less 
depending on the situation. It is not something they offer over the 
phone, but for people or businesses willing to share the cost I learned 
it was a possibility, and something they do often. If you are interested 
in this please contact me off list.


On 11/07/2011 08:43 AM, Brian Hagen wrote:
> This is not strictly Linux, since it is hardware-based, but here goes:
> I have some friends that live in a rural area near Marshall. It is
> a settled neighborhood out in the country, built before the days
> of widespread Internet use. They just cannot get anything more
> than dial-up or *really slow* DSL despite the fact that they are all fairly
> well into the money. Translation: most of them are entrepreneurs.
> I have suggested some type of satellite connection; they said
> that this only works when the tall trees there are bare, and even
> then it is unreliable due to frequent fluctuations in atmosphere
> conditions.
> Anyone have any ideas short of bribing the government to dig under
> people's real estate?
> Brian
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