[Madlug] OT: contact for fraud/abuse help at DoIT

Matt Feifarek matt.feifarek at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 17:33:05 CDT 2011

Hello. Sorry for the off-topic...

I'm looking for a DoIT contact, and know that there are some DoIT folks on
this list.

I have a friend (who is a student) who has been the victim of identity theft
and subsequent harassment. He knows who it is, and the police are involved
but are having trouble finding hard proof. We have some IP addresses of
fraudulent and threatening emails which trace back to campus facilities, but
need help taking the last step of connecting ip/machine-names to physical
devices, AND correlating this information with UW-ID/login records if
possible: I understand that there are no truly public machines in campus

The Madison police are involved; they are not moving on the evidence
provided, referring my friend to campus police, who seem to be waiting for
DoIT. Who might be waiting for mpd, who might be waiting for... My friend
submitted a request for help to the general submission process more than a
week ago, and has not heard anything back. He is hoping to have an actual
person to talk to about whether he can expect help... or whether this isn't

While the bureaucracy churns, the violent threats, character impersonation,
and harassment continue... my friend just wants it to stop. The digital
evidence might help the police have actionable proof.

Do any of you know who might be able to help my friend out?

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