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Andy Patrick andinator at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 07:08:37 CDT 2011

VLC is a most excellent media player....
Why don't you just the Ubuntu-specific version of it?

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 12:42 AM, Brian Hagen <bdhagen at jvlnet.com> wrote:

>    I bought a 3-DVD set of sci-fi TV from an ebay vendor in England;
> on my home DVD player it briefly shows a message "check regional
> code", then ejects the disk. Further checking turned up a suspicion
> that the disk has a format called "region 2", commonly used in the U.K.,
> but not implemented very much in consumer-level players here in the U.S.
> (they use a "region 1" type.) It also uses a format called "PAL";
> apparently
> here in the States one called NTSC is used. They are mutually incompatible.
>    I have been able to download a version of an app called "VLC player"
> for WinXP which appears to play back the DVD. I would prefer
> to play it on a Linux box, but searching online brought up
> the typical "red herring" response: Win products all over the
> place, and not a one for Linux! I have doubts that the ebay
> vendor will accept a product return or exchange it for a
> "region 1" version. Anybody know of a Linux version of a DVD9
> player? I am running Ubuntu Studio version 10.10.
> Brian H.
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