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> Yeah, just a vga splitter is all you really need.

That would just send the signal to both monitors -- I expect that Terry
wants to have different signals on both screens.

 These days almost all video cards can do dual-head... it's more about what
kind of connections they support. Usually a card will have 1 DVI and 1 VGA,
but the former is easy to convert with a cheap little dongle.

On the software side, it can take some fiddling, but it should be pretty
supported and reliable in both Winders and Linux... I've been doing dual
head on linux for about 8 years. The new shells (Unity, Gnome Shell) are a
little wonky with dual-head, but it does work.

As far as brands go, I've had better luck with Nvidia, but ATI (AMD) cards
are theoretically open source now. If you don't need performance, the linux
folks have good drivers for Intel video chips... but these are usually in a
laptop or embedded on a motherboard, and may not therefore have two

I have a PCI (not express) nvidia card that you can have -- it's fanless,
which is nice.
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